EVERYDAY SAINTS: Workshop in San Miguel de Allende this October

So sorry...this class has been canceled for this year. 
Please check back for future classes in Mexico!

Whenever I meet a challenge in my life, 
I create a saint to help guide me to a positive path 
to resolution. From this, comes my collection of Everyday Saints. 
I will be teaching a week-long Torn Paper Collage Workshop 
in beautiful San Miguel de Allende on making your own 
Everyday Saints in October, 2014. Learn a variety of 
mixed media techniques as you create your own 
mixed media mantra. Nothing is more fun than making art with people 
who are into making art. Especially in an inspiring place 
like San Miguel de Allende. It will change your life!

Our Lady of Being Kind to Yourself   SOLD

Our Lady of Careful Consideration

Our Lady of Keeping it Together  SOLD

Our Lady of Lessons Learned  SOLD

Our Lady of the Poker Face

Our Lady of Waiting Patiently   SOLD
Our Lady of Sleeping Through the Night    SOLD

Our Lady of Things I Wish I Hadn't Said   SOLD

Our Lady of Biological Clocks

Our Lady of Setting Your Soul Free    SOLD
Our Lady of the Giving Heart    SOLD

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