November Paper Clay Workshop

Yellow Headed Godknowswhat   5" x 5"   Paper Clay/Mixed Media
Join me for a Paper Clay/Mixed Media Workshop in Eugene!

Saturday and Sunday:
Nov. 22 & 23, 2014
Includes 1 hour lunch break at 12:30

At The Lincoln Gallery
OSLP Arts & Culture Program
309 W. 4th Ave.  Eugene 97401

Includes some supplies plus an
illustrated take-away instruction booklet

Register at: www.artsandcultureeugene.org/registration
Complete supply list will be emailed to you when you register.

Enjoy 2 FUN days learning a brand new method of self-expression with my inventive paper clay and mixed media techniques. Using an air-dried, paper maché clay, participants will learn to sculpt bas-relief forms onto boards, then carve, sand, and finish them with acrylic paint and collage materials. The result is a rich, textural, wood-carved effect that leaves everyone wondering how it was made. These techniques are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike, as they inspire experimentation and stir creativity, yet are flexible and forgiving.

Participants are encouraged to make whatever they like, but birds make a great and simple form to work from for learning this process. Choices of bird images will be provided.

For questions about workshop contact me at: mail@rogenemanas.com

Hope to see you there!


Sorry for Random Posts

Every so often I get an email from my blog of an old post. I have no idea why it happens. I certainly am not sending them. I don't know if everyone is getting them or just me. I do hope you will forgive this blog malfunction. Sorry for the unnecessary invasion!


Workshop at Mendocino Art Center

Magic things happen when a roomful of artists spend 4 days together is a beautiful, creative place. Mendocino brings out the best in people. Mendocino Art Center is the heart of this village. Art rules. We had a wonderful time, made art and new friends. I am going to miss my wonderful students and this magical place.
Mendocino Art Center main entrance.
The view from our room...lots of apartments for instructors and students.
Apartments there are clean, bright, and most importantly right near the studios!

My classroom area where we could work until 9 each night.
The grounds are beautiful.

Art is everywhere.
Flowers in Mendocino seem to generate their own light
Paper clay work was new to everyone.

And yet each person gained skills over the 4 days we worked together.

Each style unique.

Most left with work in progress.

Inspired by nature.

Flowers from the grounds.

Some with wonderful design skills.

All sculpted with creative hands.

Stylized or realistic.
Flowers never looked better.

Leaves have never been more colorful.

Poppies were popping.

Ideas were hatching.

We learned from each other.

And from nature.

Colorful iterpretations.

And meaningful memories.
Even wihtout color, the work is strong

Some work quietly away and surprise us all when suddenly beauty appears.
Colorful concepts...

By colorful people...

Like fireflies lighting up the night...

With waterlilies waiting to bllom...

Everyone practicing new skills, making new art friends and sharing their creativity.
These were the creative hands at play. I am going to miss seeing them everyday.
Sometimes in your life, everything lines up just right and you know that this is where you were meant to be in order to connect with others who share your love of art making. These art makers were here to try something new. And together, we made magic, memories and new friends. I am grateful.


Paperclay Workshop in Mendocino!

There are still a few spots left in my Paint, Paper and Paperclay Workshop at the beautiful Mendocino Art Center in Mendocino, CA. This amazing venue is right in the middle of a charming, walkable, arts community north of San Francisco on the Northern California coast. I have some really fun projects lined up and a lot of new mixed media techniques to share. All skill levels, from beginners to advanced, will find this workshop intriguing and fun.

Learn to work with paper clay, acrylic paints and mediums, solvents, collage materials, and more.

Join us July 10-13 for 4 days of fun filled art making and meet new creative friends.

For more information and a materials list click here.
And to register on line click here.


The Burden of Guilt

I was invited to be part of a gallery show of 20 women artists doing self portraits at Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene. With this project, a portrait of myself over the past 6 months, I decided to purge what was plaguing me. 

For as long as I can remember, I have been hounded by guilt, 
as I believe most women are. Whatever I am doing, I always feel I should be doing something else. Doing something for someone, taking care of some responsibility, working on something, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, saving the world! What a burden it has been to carry. And so each time a new guilty feeling arose, I made an arrow for it. There were so many that I could not include them all. Now that I can see them, I feel sad that I have tortured myself for so long with such ridiculousness. At 64 years of age, I feel I have earned the right to let go of all the “shoulds” and stop feeling guilty. After all, this is my ONLY life, and from now on, I plan to live it for myself. 

And now I will try not to feel guilty about that.

The Burden of Guilt   24" x 36"  Paper Clay/Mixed Media
 This show is well worth seeing and runs through June 20th.


I must be crazy

I am always watching over my shoulder for that pesky Alzheimer's Disease that took my mother's brain to tea and never returned with it.  I worry that I will inherit her fate and not remember that I am me, and worse yet, that I can make art. And so each day that I forget a word, a name, why I went down 2 flights of stairs into my studio to get...what? Why I started a sentence...and then...what was my point? I forget.
I Must Be Crazy   22 x 8   Mixed Media
This and other self portraits of 20 women will be in an upcoming group show at Maude Kerns Art Center opening next Friday.


A Paper Clay Fish Tale

So...it's my husband's birthday this Saturday...and after 25 years of gift giving...I was at a loss about what to do this year. So I decided to make him some art. And about the only thing I know he would like is a fish. So I used this opportunity to experiment with making a free form paper clay piece...one that is not on a board or canvas.

I used balsa wood, matte board and tape for my backing. Unlike ceramic clay, paper clay would be too fragile and flimsy to use without a support on the back.

Below is my process. And I like how it turned out. But I need a better backing than balsa wood because it warps. But it actually gave the fish some roundness, so it worked out. But I am still on the search for a better backing material that is easy to cut.

I cut a fish form out of balsa wood and taped on, then glued the fins to it.

Then I covered it with paper clay and sculpted my fish with details.

After painting the clay with finishes, I painted it black.

Then I removed the black paint, leaving it in all the indentations.

Then I painted it with transparent acrylic paints.

To cover the back, I drew around the fish on black felt with a gel pen.

I cut out the felt and before gluing it to the back, I painted all the edges black.

I made a loop hanger out of ribbon and glued it and the felt down with wood glue.

Nice and tidy back. Important detail.

Finished fish. It's about 15" long...a good size for a fish...definitely a keeper.