Capture Nature in Mendocino!

In my upcoming workshop in Mendocino, you will learn to capture nature in the most simple ways. My process of working with Paper Clay is fun, flexible and forgiving. You will amaze yourself with what you can make. All skill levels welcome. This is going to be the best workshop ever.

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Detail from High Tailing


Start Simple

In my workshops, we work up from the very simple, to the more complex. Everyone has success because this art form is so fun, flexible and forgiving. Working with paper clay is very meditative. Adding paint to the dried clay is very energizing. Life is good when you are making art.
Join me for my next workshop! Details here: http://www.rogenemanas.com/p/workshops.html

Paper Clay Mini Boards, dried and ready for painting!


Workshop in Mendocino

Hi there!
Below is information about my upcoming workshop in beautiful Mendocino, California. 
It will be a 5 day, fun filled, inspirational kick in the pants that will get your creative juices flowing. So if you have been wanting to learn this process, I hope you can join me!

At Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA
June 15–19, 2015 (Monday–Friday, 9:30am–4:30pm)

 Class Description
Learn a brand new way to make art in this fun class with inventive paper clay and mixed media techniques. Using an air-dried, paper maché clay, participants will learn to sculpt bas-relief forms onto boards, then carve, sand, and finish them with acrylic paint and collage materials. These techniques are perfect for beginners and advanced students alike as they inspire experimentation and stir creativity, yet are very flexible and forgiving. This week will be devoted to capturing nature in a variety of ways with simple sculpting techniques. The clay adds dimension to flat work and allows for new painting opportunities and textural options. Students are encouraged to bring ideas and images related to nature. Inspirational images of birds, insects, plants and animals will be provided.

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If you have any questions, email me at mail@rogenemanas.com.
Happy Spring!


Spring Workshop in Mendocino!

I don't teach a lot of workshops because I am so busy making art and writing a book...but once a year, I LOVE to teach in Mendocino. The art center, where classes are held, is a wonderful place filled with talented people that inspire creative work. The town itself is an artist's dream...with the art center in the middle of everything and no need to drive again once you arrive. Lots of great restaurants and shops, all within walking distance. Plus the beautiful coastline, abundant flowers, and charming homes and buildings.

Join me for 5 days that will change your life. You will meet and spend your days with others who love making art as much as you do. Beginners and advanced students alike will love this class. I have been making paper clay art for more than 15 years and I am eager to teach others the joy of working with this fun, flexible and forgiving medium.

At Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA
June 15–19, 2015 (Monday–Friday, 9:30am–4:30pm)

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Upcoming Workshops for 2015

Be Hopeful  18" x 24"   Paper clay and acrylic on canvas
 I am pleased to announce a couple of upcoming Paper Clay Workshops!

Mendocino Art Center
5 days in a fabulous art center on the California Coast
June 15–19, 2015 (Monday–Friday, 9:30am–4:30pm)
Mendocino, CA
An in depth, hand on workshop in paper clay and mixed media for beginners and advanced alike.
Click here for details

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
3 Days at a beautiful art center on the Oregon Coast
September 2-4, 2015 (Wednesday-Friday, 10am-4pm)
Otis, OR  (near Lincoln City)
A three day intensive in paper clay bas-relief for all skill levels.
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I am working on a couple of others, so check back. And thanks for visiting my blog/website!


Lotus Lilies

This project was a commission for some friends of mine. I normally don't do commissions, but could not resist this one because they let me do whatever I wanted for a special wall in their home. So I chose to do lotus lilies, a beautiful flower with magical meaning. They grown form murky mud into majestic splendor, a living metaphor for transcendence. I used gold metallic paint for this project to go in their very formal home.

All my work begins with a loose thumbnail sketch
Then I enlarge the drawing and refine it.
Here is the clay work before it was painted.

Lotus Lilies     Three 12" x 12" panels   Paper Clay on wood Panels


Paper Clay Workshop, Painting Day!

I am always amazed at how many different styles there are in class,  everyone with their own way of making art. Some beginners, others well seasoned, all fun loving, helpful and trying something new. We come together to make art, and we make friends.

I love the black and white stage.And when the colors come out, magic happens. Not everyone finishes. The day goes by too fast.  And we wish it would last. I am grateful in so many ways.