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I teach hands-on classes and you make art the entire time. I begin with an overview of the process and do quick mini demos throughout the workshop to keep the process going. The first day we work with the clay, the second day we paint our dried pieces. People work at different speeds, but usually take home 1-2 finished pieces per 2-day workshop. This is a fun, flexible and forgiving process that can be easily learned by beginners and advanced students alike. It is new to everyone.

I like using my paper clay process to teach art because it involves designing, drawing, sculpting, and painting, all within one project. It is so flexible that anything can be changed, reworked, patched, added to, removed, repaired, and repainted. People love it.


Three dimensional art pieces from my Small Wonders Workshop

Three dimensional art pieces from my Small Wonders Workshop

Small Wonders in Paper Clay Workshop

Saturday & Sunday, April 27 & 28, 9:30am - 4pm

At The Lincoln Gallery, 309 West 4th Ave., Eugene, OR

Day 1: Learn to form and sculpt small three-dimensional art pieces with paper clay

Day 2: Learn to finish your pieces with acrylic mediums, paints and collage materials.

Paper clay is a fun, flexible and forgiving medium that can be shaped, modeled and carved to create three-dimensional art pieces. This air-dried clay dries to a durable, lightweight finish that can be painted or left natural for great results. This fun, flexible and forgiving medium is perfect for all skill levels. Participants must be 15 years and older.

2 Day Workshop Fee 185.00 (Includes some materials)

Materials list available with registration

Register here:


Annual Oaxaca Art Retreat -- March 22-31, 2019

Join me and cultural curator Jewel Murphy for our fabulously fun 10 day art making excursion to Oaxaca in Mexico! Visit a magnificent jewel of a city and culture while living in a welcoming and gracious old hacienda right in the center of town. For more information, visit this link:



Specifics depend upon the workshop, but this is generally what you will need:

•   One 8x10 wooden cradled panel or stretched canvas
•   8 oz package of Creative Paper Clay® available at most art supply and craft stores (no other brand please)
•   Elmer's glue (small container)
•   X-acto knife
•   Pencil, eraser
•   Ball point pen
•   Black fine point marker
•   Acrylic liquid medium (NOT GEL), gloss and matte (small amounts)
•   Gesso (small amount)
•   2 Plastic containers for water and mixing
•   A palette for acrylic paint
•   Rolling pin or something that will work as a roller
•   Tape like masking or Magic

Don't buy student grade paints. They will not give good results for this process. Do bring what you have. From the following list of colors, you can mix many others. (I recommend tube paints over bottled acrylics.) M. Graham is an Oregon company making great acrylic paints that I prefer.
Minimally, you will need
•   Ivory black
•   Titanium white
•   A rose/magenta color (like Quinacridone Rose, by M. Graham)
•   A yellow color (like Azo yellow, by M. Graham)
•   A cyan color (like Phthalocyanine Blue, by M. Graham)

•   Paint brushes for acrylics in a variety of sizes and shapes. One should be soft and wide for painting all-over finishes. Have at least one good small detail brush, (like a 0 sable watercolor brush) and others such as #2 or #4 flat, a #6 flat or filbert, and a #6 round.

•   Any tools for carving, stamping or imprinting into clay that you might have. (I provide some).
•   Hair dryer to speed drying times

MATERIALS PROVIDED BY INSTRUCTOR (usually for an extra materials fee)
•   Tracing paper for sketching designs
•   Carbon paper for transferring images
•   Plastic sheeting for clay work
•   The loan of wooden clay tools, plus other tools for imprinting the clay
•   Alcohol solvent
•   Sandpaper
•   Colored tissue paper, book papers and glue
•   Images or patterns for clay work

P A S T   W O R K S H O P S :

SATURDAY 9/29 10-2:00 pm & SUNDAY 9/30 12-4 pm
Create your own Milagro Nicho using paper clay, a cradled panel and a variety of mixed media techniques. In this two half-day workshop you will learn to work with paper clay using simple and very forgiving sculpting, painting and finishing techniques. On day one we will create paper clay heart milagros and begin papering and painting our panels. On day two, we will paint our paper clay creations, add embellishments and assemble our nichos. This class is ideal for beginners looking for ways to create art and for advanced artists looking to add to their repertoire of skills. Maximum of 8 student, Two 4 hour classes. There is one spot left! Click here for details or to register.

Paper Clay Workshop, Portland -- June 9-10, 2018 Carrie Moore Studios

I am excited to be teaching Feathered Friends Paper Clay Workshop this spring in a wonderful setting at Carrie Moore Studios in Oregon City, OR (just outside of Portland). In this two day workshop, using birds as our subjects, you will learn to sculpt and carve paper clay in bas-relief on the first day, and the next day, we will take our projects to completion with acrylic paints, collage materials and finishing mediums. The result is a wood carved affect that will leave people wondering how it was made. This fun and forgiving process is perfect for beginning and experienced artists alike because it is new to everyone. For more information and location click here.

Everyday Saints Mixed Media Workshop at Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino, CA, Feb 16, 17, 18: Come stay in Mendocino for a really fun three workshop! You will love this place! Take this joyful excursion into art and make your very own mixed media mantra. You will be designing your own saints, goddesses, guardians or icons dedicated to whatever needs or deserves more attention in your life. How about “Our Lady of Creativity,” or “The Goddess of Being Kind to Yourself,” or “The Saint of Simplification?" Create icons that represent your aspirations with some of my favorite mixed media techniques in this motivating and meditative journey into self-expression.

Day 1 includes forming the foundation for your collage work. Day 2 includes creating embellishments with paper clay. Day 3 includes attaching techniques, beading and stitching, plus finish work. This process is perfect for those seeking a flexible, forgiving, and fun way to express their creativity. It’s ideal for beginners looking to get started in art making, and for experienced artists wanting new methods to incorporate into their work. You will come away with tangible keepsakes from your artful journey. Includes collage work and paper clay basics.

Online registration is not yet available. Contact Mendocino Art Center at 707 937-5818, ext. 10 or toll-free 800 653-3328, ext. 10, M–F 10 am – 5 pm

2 Half-Day Paper Clay Workshop at Oregon Art Supply Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 9-10, 10am-2pm. Join me for this two half-day class and learn to work with paper clay while creating animal art on the first day. Then learn to paint and finish your dried clay work in black and white the next day. Perfect for beginning and advanced students alike. For more information and to register, call 541-683-2787.

Paper Clay/Mixed Media Workshop:

OREGON COLLEGE OF ARTS AND CRAFTS in Portland, OR. June 11-12, 9-4. This will be my first time teaching at this beautiful campus. Large sunny classrooms surrounded by galleries and lots of creative can you go wrong? For more information and to register: Click Here

Paper Clay FUNdamentals Workshop:

April 23-24, 9:30-4:30 with an hour break for lunch

At The Lincoln Gallery OSLP Arts & Culture Program 309 W. 4th Ave.  Eugene 97401

Part of your tuition helps support this wonderful organization

Includes some supplies plus an
illustrated take-away instruction booklet

Register at:

Join me to learn the basics of this new medium. Paper clay is a fun, flexible and forgiving art form that lets you make art that jumps right off the page. On Day 1, you will learn the basics of paper clay work with an emphasis on designing a composition, sculpting forms and developing details. Using a series of small exercises, you will create elements to incorporate into a larger finished piece by layering and adhering wet and dry clay to a board. On Day 2, learn acrylic painting, finishing and collage techniques as you take your project to completion. The result is a wood-carved effect that will leave people wondering how it was made. This unique and innovative process is perfect for beginning and advanced students alike. I will provide patterns for all elements.


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