Art Immersion Oaxaca--Sign Up Now!

I have been waiting to go back to Oaxaca ever since I left there in the Spring 3 years ago. It's like that with Oaxaca. It gets into your blood and you need to keep going back. You miss the food, the artistry, the climate, the terrain, the food, the city, the traditions, the culture, the food, the antiquity, the crafts, the colors, the mezcal, and did I mention the food? It is an artist's wonderland, a cultural treasure beyond description.

So when Jewel Murphy asked me to join her and teach an art retreat in Oaxaca, it was a no brainer. She, being the US Ambassador to Oaxaca, has a backstreet knowledge of it that opens doors and enhances experiences. I had already been on one of her excursions, and had stayed at the same fabulous hacienda. So I cannot think of a better place to hold a mixed media art workshop, and I can say, without a doubt, that this is going to be a trip to remember.

Oaxaca Art Immersion Retreat Dates: March 17-27, 2017

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Oaxaca has long been an artistic center in Mexico. We will get inspired by visiting museums, churches, market places, artist studios and galleries that showcase the outstanding art and craft work of the area, from ancient to modern times. Our workshop program will integrate the creative culture of Oaxaca into our projects, informing the art we make.

If you like hanging out with fun loving, creative people, making art everyday, tasting amazing food, staying in a wonderful place, getting inspired by incredible art, shopping at some of the best places in Mexico, visiting museums, churches, galleries, studios and more, then join us on this creative excursion to a place that will stay in your heart forever.