Paper Clay Workshop at Arcangelo Studio in Portland

In the industrial area of Northeast Portland, there is an amazing studio space called Arcangelo Studio offered by Stacey Mattraw where she holds workshops, gatherings, meet-ups and get-togethers of all kinds. Her assistant Cecily Cacau helped me gather a group for a two day paper clay workshop and we were off and running. I always love my workshops, they are filled with fun-loving people who are ready to try something new. I teach what I know, but everyone contributes something special to the class and we all benefit.

The first day was devoted to sculpting in bas-relief on panels with paper clay. People picked a bird or a rabbit from my pile of images or brought their own. Here are the working hands from the first day:

The second day, we dove headfirst into painting our clay work after it dried overnight. Some were going for more of a realistic look, while others were more abstract and fanciful. I love the results people got. And am very impressed with how everyone did since only a couple people had used paper clay before this class. I think the hardest thing about teaching any workshop is that I meet a bunch of new, fun, interesting art makers and then when class is over, I rarely see them again. But still I am grateful to have spent the time we had together. I feel very blessed to be able to help others learn a new medium. Aside from making art, there really isn’t anything I’d rather do.

Below are the “almost finished being painted” pieces. I am hoping to post final art if they send me images to share. But I think this work looks pretty darn good for paper clay beginners! (click on the images to see them larger)