Show at Onda Gallery Opening September 24th

This month
at Onda Gallery, I am
having my first Portand
Art Show.
It opened on
Last Thursday
on Alberta Street which
is quite an event in this
eclectic and creative
neighborhood. The
sidewalks were covered
with street vendors of
all kinds, musicians,
entertainers and all the
galleries and cool
shops are open
for the night.

The show is called "Inside We are All the Same" and it is a collection of paintings and mixed media works that express what I call the essence within us. The pieces for this show incorporate plant, bird and insect imagery with figurative elements. The ideas for each come from my beliefs about how we are all made from the same molecules and therefore come from the same source material. Plants, animals, insects, trees, flowers, fish, birds...all the same stuff. Humans are the only life form blessed with the ability to appreciate all the other life forms and the miracle of earth. I hope I can encourage us all to cherish all life as we do our own kind.

In many of the pieces I use papier-maché and colláge materials to add depth and texture. Most are framed in handmade box frames created for me by Yoncalla High School Shop Class which I then paint to match the piece inside. For this show, everything has a black background, which to me symbolizes the mystery of life. The style of this work is primitive and austere. I tried to create images that were interesting and slightly disturbing to invite contemplation and conversation.

The show will run September 24th through October 27th.
There are about 30 pieces in the show.

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta Street Portland, OR 97211 503.493.1909