Letting Go

"When we let go
of what we are,
we become what
we might be.
" --Lao Tsu

Recently I lost a wonderful friend to brain cancer. His name was Thomas Rubick. It is hard to think I will forever be referring to him in the past tense. He was an amazing artist, and terrific writer, a skillful teacher, a fabulous graphic designer, and an all round
brilliant man.

But most of all, he was a true friend...not just to me, but to many. He was the kind of friend who let you vent without judgment. Helped you recover when you hit bottom. Took your side in a dispute. Remembered and honored your life events. Shared favorite books, music and movies. Bought you stuff at garage sales you might like. Sent you cards for all the right reasons and for no reason at all. Showed compassion and kindness when you needed it. And knew all your faults and liked you anyway.

I did this piece about him called Letting Go. Though he is gone, his energy is very much alive. It has been released. He was and will always be in inspiration to me. And I will miss him forever.

Letting Go
15" x 19"
Papier-mache and acrylic on board

Rogene Mañas