Inside we are all the same

Hello! I am posting images from my show at Onda Gallery in Portland, OR, so that my friends and family from out of town can see the depth of my most recent insanity. Yes I have gone headless.

True Abundance, 15” x 27”
Paper clay and acrylic on board
True Happiness, 15” x 27”
Paper clay, colláge, and acrylic on board

Hard to Get Close to, 11” x 19”
Acrylic on board

Return on Investment, 11" x 19"
Acrylic painting with colláge on board

Scroll down through this post and all the other ones listed to the right and you will see most of what is hanging in my show in Portland at Onda Gallery.

Rogene Mañas

Inside we are all the same
September 24th through October 27th.
Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211