February Paper Clay Workshop

Two Half-days:  Saturday, Feb. 4, 10-2, Sunday, Feb. 5, 1-4
Workshop fee: $100.00
At Clay Space
222 Polk Street,  Eugene OR 97402  
To register call: 541-653-8089

Make a mixed media masterpiece and learn new ways to create artwork in two half-day sessions using paper maché clay, tissue paper, and acrylic paint. On day one, you will sculpt the clay on boards. On day two, you will refine, carve and paint your finished piece. The result will leave people wondering how you made it. This workshop is easy, fun and very forgiving. A unique process, perfect for every skill level from beginner to advanced.

Each person needs to bring:

--One 8x10 canvas or board (about 1/4" thick)
--8 oz Creative Paper Clay (from any art supply or craft store)
--Acrylic paint-- Bring what you have. If you do not already own them, you need to minimally buy a set that includes ivory black, titanium white, a red, a yellow and a blue. If you are unsure what colors to buy, email me at rogenem@phototidings.com
--Paint brushes, a variety of sizes and shapes--at least one for detail plus 2-3 medium-small sizes
--Xacto knife
--Pencil, eraser and black stylist marker of some kind
--Elmer's School Glue
--Plastic containers for water and glue/water combo
--A palette for acrylic paint such as an 8x10 piece of glass, a white plate, a glass plate, or 2-3 white paper plates with plastic coating,
--Rolling pin or something that will work as a roller
--Tape, masking or whatever
--Gesso, small amount

--letter stamps, other things to stamp into the clay
--hair dryer  or heat gun to speed drying times

I will provide:
--Inspirational images
--Carbon paper for transfer
--Tissue paper, variety of colors
--Tissue for sketching designs
--Plastic sheeting for clay work
--the loan of a wooden clay tool
--rubbing alcohol
--sand paper