Art & Soul Workshop October 1 & 2

Letting Go

Ever Growing

Still Young Inside

It will be my pleasure to be teaching a 2 day workshop at Art & Soul in Portland, Oregon, on October 1 & 2. This year's theme is Every Day Saints in Paper Clay.

Make your very own mixed media mantra. In the spirit of the Latin countries, you will be designing your own saint, goddess or icon dedicated to whatever needs or deserves more attention in your life. How about Our Lady of Creativity…or The Goddess of Family and Friends…or Saint of Simplification? Create an icon that represents your aspirations using paper clay and collage materials.

Sculpt relief forms onto boards with Paper Clay on the first day. The second day will be devoted to carving and sanding our air dried pieces, then finishing them using collage materials and acrylic paint. The result has a rich, wood-carved effect that will leave people wondering how you made it.

Focus your energy on yourself and lift your spirit with this fun exercise in dreaming out loud.

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Supplies Needed for Class:
Each person needs:
--Acrylic paint-- Bring what you have. If you do not already own them, you will need a few like ivory black, titanium white, a cool red like magenta or Quinachrodone Rose, a warm yellow like cadmium medium, and a cyan or phthalo blue. You can mix most colors from these.
--Collage papers—A palate of papers in different patterns, solids, stripes, borders, pages from old books, brown wrapping paper, scrapbook papers, sheet music, whatever you like and are drawn to. But consider a color pallet so you are not bringing reams of paper.
--1 11x14 canvas (about)
--8 oz Paper Clay
--Gesso, small amount
--Paint brushes, one for detail plus at least 3-4 medium-small sizes. One should be cheap to use with glue.
--Xacto knife
--Pencil, eraser and black stylist marker of some kind
--Elmer's School Glue
--Acrylic Matte Medium
--Plastic containers for water and glue/water combo
--A palette for acrylic paint
--Rolling pin or something that will work as a roller
--Tape, masking or whatever
--Fine grain sand paper (small piece) or sanding sponge
--Letter stamps and other things to stamp into the clay (optional)
--Hair dryer to speed drying times (optional)
--Paper towels
Items I will provide:
--Carbon paper for transfer
--Tissue paper, variety of colors
--Tissue for sketching designs
--Plastic sheeting for clay work
--The loan of a wooden clay tool with a pointed end
--Denatured alcohol