Letting Go, Again

Letting Go   11 x 14  Acrylic on Canvas
I recently completed this small painting for Sara Nye, a young woman who lost her wonderful mother only a few months ago. This is my 4th rendition of this image. I have done two in paper clay and one in mixed media. Each one was done on behalf of a wonderful person who left this earth. While working on each one, I felt a connection with the soul I was honoring.

I used to paint from reality. But then I became compelled to paint from within. It is not easy to envision what you want to do and then capture it. I struggle and question myself all the time. Why not just go back to painting still life, landscape and figures? It would be so much easier. So much more simple. And so much more marketable. But then I do a piece that helps heal a broken heart and I realize why I stay in the struggle.

May we all find rebirth in the stillness of our grief.

For my sister, whom I lost when I was 13        Mixed Media

The original, for my dear friend Thomas Rubick   Paper Clay

For my friend Marcia Vickers who lost her beautiful daughter     Paper Clay