What is Paper Clay?

I use an amazing product called Creative Paperclay®. I discovered it while visiting an artist friend who made folk art figures in Michigan more than 12 years ago. I was so excited to try it, I searched it out at a craft store and started making my own folk art pieces.

While working on figurines...I kept wondering if I could apply it to a board and sculpt it. Then my mother passed away from Alzheimer's Disease and I wanted to make a tribute to her. So I tried out my idea.

It worked like a charm. I will forever believe that my mother gave me the gift of discovering this technique...which would only be possible with this amazing clay. I have been making paper clay pieces and teaching workshops using the technique ever since.

There is a Paper Clay that is a ceramic clay and needs to be fired. This is not that clay.

Creative Paperclay is an air-dried clay, meaning it does not require baking or firing. It comes ready to use right out of the package, sticks to just about anything, sculpts like porcelain clay, does not shrink, can be sanded and carved after it dries, can be reconstituted with water, and is archival if finished properly. It is largely made from paper pulp and pumice with special binders. It is non-toxic and stays moist a long time if stored properly.

I know there are other brands out there...but this is by far the best I have found:

Creative Paperclay®
Below is the first piece I ever made using my bah relief technique. It is a portrait of my mother as a little girl. Thanks mom for this wonderful gift.

Little Bruna      Mixed Media/Paper Clay on Board    12 x 16