Everyday Saints Class Work

Karen finished hers! Wow!
Wow! Debbi finished hers and started another!
This is "Sally Kahlo", completed by Vicki. So charming!
Valerie's Frida looks like she is glowing from within!

What a class full of talented women I had yesterday! They were so into making their artful icons. They created images that represent their feelings and aspirations with bits of paper on small canvases. It was a very inspirational day at Collage in Portland, thanks to a bunch of fun loving art makers. The best thing about teaching a class is hanging out with really fun people who just want to make art! I am so lucky.

Check out their unfinished work...even unfinished you can see they are on their way to being some mighty fine pieces. I hope they finish and share their images so I can post them here. Stay tuned.