Paper Clay Workshop at Emeral Art Center, Springfield

Join me for a 2 day Paper Clay/Mixed Media workshop:

Friends of a Feather: Paper Clay Workshop
at Emerald Art Center, Springfield, OR
Thursday and Friday, January 30 and 31, 2014
10 am - 4:30 with 1/2 hour break each day (12 hours of instruction)
150.00 members, 165.00 non-members

Create a bah-relief of a feathered friend. Learn new methods of self-expression in this fun 2-day workshop with my inventive paper clay techniques. Using Creative Paperclay®, participants will sculpt relief forms onto boards on the first day. The second day will be devoted to carving and sanding the air-dried pieces, then finishing them with gesso, acrylic paint and medium. The result is a rich, textural, wood-carved effect that leaves people wondering how it was made. This class is ideal for all levels of skill from beginner to advanced. This flexible and forgiving medium will stir your creativity. Birds make a great and simple form to work from for learning this technique. Choices of bird images will be provided. If you bring your own, please size it to fit your panel (see materials list).

Questions about workshop:

Supply List (please bring exactly these items):
--Acrylic paints-- Bring what you have. If you do not already own them, you need to minimally buy a set that includes ivory black, titanium white, a cool red like Magenta, a cool yellow like Azo, and cool blue like Cyan. Or you could get a prepackaged starter set of small tubes. Do not buy student grade paints...they have weak pigments and you will not like the results (like Basic by Liquitex)
--Acrylic Matte Medium or Semigloss Medium in liquid or gel form (small container is fine)
--Paint brushes--bring brushes to use with Acrylic Paint, one small size for detail plus at least one medium size. Flats or filberts work best. We paint our entire piece with gesso and medium so you will also want a larger soft brush for that.
--1 small Wooden Cradled Panel (8x8 or 8x10)--available at Oregon Art Supply, UO Booksore. The same size canvas would also work.
--Xacto knife
--Pencil, eraser, and ball point pen
--A plastic container for water
--A palette for acrylic paint (I use an 8x10 piece of glass)
--Rolling pin or something that will work as a roller
--Tape, masking or whatever
--4 oz Creative Paper Clay (no other brand)
--Small wash cloth
--Small amount of Gesso
--Sculpting tools if you have them (I use a particular wooden tool which I will loan you)

--letter stamps, other things to stamp into the clay (I will bring my collection of tools)
--hair dryer to speed drying times

These shared materials will be provided by the instructor:
--Carbon paper for image transfer
--Tracing Paper for sketching designs
--Plastic sheeting for clay work
--Rubbing alcohol
--Bird images
--The loan of a clay tool