Class Work Gallery: Paper Clay Workshop at Emerald Art Center 2014

Below you will find a wonderful display of the works done by students in my 2 day Paper Clay Workshop: Friends of a Feather. 

The first day we sculpted clay, the second day, we painted it. As you will see, these students are making some wonderful art. They are all at different skill levels, and this was new to all of them. Most of the work is still in progress, but check it out...they look really great! I am so impressed. 

I am always grateful for spending time making art with others who really want to do it. What fun. They are always the most creative, fun-loving, interesting, and passionate people.

I'm blessed.

Clay work, day one. Bas relief sculpture.

Notice how different everyone's style is.

This owl is a wonderful loose style.

And others went more stylized and modern.

The sculpting is very meditative. The room becomes quiet.

Except for someone cracking jokes occasionally.

On the second day, we paint the dried clay, beginning with contrasting colors.

Designs take form.

Darks and lights are established.

Texture appears.

Mood is created.

Style is developed.
Delicate with pale charcoal.

Whimsy and movement defined.

Blue hues create gentle quiet.

Design rules.

And then we add color...and the whimsical magic begins.

Fresh and glowing in the morning sun.

Soft, textural simplicity at the beach.

Happy, sunny spring with fresh, fragrent blossoms.
Compelling, textural drama. Wow.

Move over Picasso and Matisse. I want this on a bag!
Luminous with moonlight and color dancing.

Feel the delight in this calm summer breeze.

Elegant stillness and solitude. Peace.

Dynamic, organic and just plain cool. Even unfinished.

Lightness and light. A magic combination.

Peaceful, warm and cozy. Let's rest.
And so these are the perpetrators. Tables full of diligent art makers.
...and a lot of really fun people.