Workshop at Mendocino Art Center

Magic things happen when a roomful of artists spend 4 days together is a beautiful, creative place. Mendocino brings out the best in people. Mendocino Art Center is the heart of this village. Art rules. We had a wonderful time, made art and new friends. I am going to miss my wonderful students and this magical place.
Mendocino Art Center main entrance.
The view from our room...lots of apartments for instructors and students.
Apartments there are clean, bright, and most importantly right near the studios!

My classroom area where we could work until 9 each night.
The grounds are beautiful.

Art is everywhere.
Flowers in Mendocino seem to generate their own light
Paper clay work was new to everyone.

And yet each person gained skills over the 4 days we worked together.

Each style unique.

Most left with work in progress.

Inspired by nature.

Flowers from the grounds.

Some with wonderful design skills.

All sculpted with creative hands.

Stylized or realistic.
Flowers never looked better.

Leaves have never been more colorful.

Poppies were popping.

Ideas were hatching.

We learned from each other.

And from nature.

Colorful iterpretations.

And meaningful memories.
Even wihtout color, the work is strong

Some work quietly away and surprise us all when suddenly beauty appears.
Colorful concepts...

By colorful people...

Like fireflies lighting up the night...

With waterlilies waiting to bllom...

Everyone practicing new skills, making new art friends and sharing their creativity.
These were the creative hands at play. I am going to miss seeing them everyday.
Sometimes in your life, everything lines up just right and you know that this is where you were meant to be in order to connect with others who share your love of art making. These art makers were here to try something new. And together, we made magic, memories and new friends. I am grateful.