Our Lady of Being Authentic

This is another of many homages to Frida Kahlo that I have done over the years. She is such an inspiration to me. Not only do I love and admire her artwork, but as a person, I believe she tried to be as authentic and true to herself as she could in her time. She did not follow trends, she set them. She did not conform to ideologies, she developed them. And not because she was a rebel, but because she was herself. Following her own drum beat.

Our Lady of Being Authentic    11 x 14  Paper clay/mixed media on canvas

This is an example of creating a paper clay base and then collaging over it with decorative papers. Her form was done in paper clay, as well as the ring around her halo. The wings were added with torn paper to the background. I love working in this way. It is very meditative.

Our Lady of Being Authentic  Detail  Paper clay/mixed media