Art Immersion Oaxaca 2019 - Wonderful Women, Wonderful Workshop, Wonderful Tour

Each time I return to Oaxaca, I am more in love with the place. Such a soulful place to come and make art with like-minded people. And we could not have had a more fun-loving group on this tour. Women joined us from one end of the US to the other, including NYC, Hawaii, Florida, the Southwest, and the Northwest.


Our agenda was packed with trips to meet artisans, see museums and gallery shows, shop the mercados and street vendors, eat in world class restaurants and in people’s homes, plus of course meeting in our studio at the beautiful Casa Colonial to make art everyday! Below you will see our gallery of art pieces. Some are still in the works, some are getting more embellishments at home, and some I did not get pictures of. But you can see the variety of work we managed to get done in only a few hours each day (click on images to enlarge them).

Our excursions, lead by my tour partner, Jewel Murphy, who speaks, took us to out of the way places to discover more about the creative side of Oaxaca. We visited ceramic artists, assemblage artists, installation curators, print makers, weavers, wood carvers, painters and more. Plus Jane, owner and character of the casa, invites her favorite artisans to drop by with their wares. It is an artist’s wonderland of inspiration.

It is impossible to show you everything we did, ate, saw, learned, experienced, absorbed. But I think we all came away feeling like the people of this region are about as kind and loving as they come. They are grateful for our tourism and financial support for their community. We felt welcomed, well taken care of and were sad to leave. We won’t say goodbye, just “hasta luego”…see you later.