Small Wonders Workshop, April 2019

Once again I met a group of wonderful artists who took my most recent paper clay workshop. We spent two days working on 3-dimensional art pieces, beginning with clay work and ending with painting and collage work. I was delighted that many of my students had previously taken workshops from me. And what a creative bunch of art makers they were.

The second day is always fun because these pristine little works of art become something else altogether. We start out by bringing out the detail work in the clay with contrasting colors. Then add color with transparent paints. I love the luminous look of everyone’s work. And check out the creativity. What an inspiration!

Of course, with 16 enthusiastic people, there is more work that I showed. The magic of a workshop is that you get to see how everyone else goes about their process. Often there is every level of skill from “never-did-this-before” beginners to advanced…even professional artists. And we all learn from each other. Since paper clay is new to most participants, it’s a fun exploration for everyone. Thank you to my wonderful class, to OSLP’s Arts and Cultural Program for the wonderful space, and to you for checking out the class art and reading all this!